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Passion through ages…

Pursuing and achieving excellence has been the core legendary vision of the KITCO family throughout its heritage. The desire to attain and maintain unparalleled standards of quality across all range of products was not just a core value, but a strategic priority for the team.
We believe that uncompromised purity and natural nutritious values are vital factors of food produces for humankind across the globe. We hold ourselves extremely responsible in delivering this vital need to the families of this region, with an unblemished vision of healthy nourishment. This high level of ethical accountability drove us to the affirmation that none of KITCO products shall contain any artificial ingredient, be it colors, flavors or preservatives. Our passion for the accomplishment of superiority drove us to extreme quality control measures like all potatoes being hand inspected on arrival ensuring that only the finest of the produce become part of KITCO products, and thereby reach our consumers.
Most modern and cutting-edge technology with state-of-the-art machinery were constantly effected in the production facilities and storage amenities, operated by highly experienced professionals with precise expertise. Built on the above passionate vision and commitment, KITCO established the coveted position of being the market leader, and expanded the product range under various dynamic brands which established their dominance in the society over the decades.
Our success brought along with it highly increased capacity with variety of product range. These triumphs rewarded us with strategic long term licensing agreements with sister companies and strategic alliances global leaders. Growing into a global player from the regional market has always been KITCO’s passionate dream, which is being realized due to the passion, vision and commitment of the founders and the team of our artists talented in the Art of Snacks.