Our Story


Kuwait Indo Trading Co., popularly known as KITCO, was established fifty years ago, in 1962. Growing with the modern nation and evolving with its culture over the past half century, the name KITCO became a household name and a synonym for snacks among the families in Kuwait. The KITCO ‘Bunny’ became a member of the community representing taste and fun, and is well renowned in the Kuwait and Middle East markets today. This recognition of the brand is a result of over fifty years of passion and dedication the KITCO family invested in providing the utmost quality snacks to the families of the region.

Kitco Old Logo

KITCO started its half century journey with foodstuff wholesale and trading business, and eventually ventured into mastering the “Art of Snacks” in 1976. Success and brilliance became the companions of the brand throughout the journey as consistency and enhancement of quality stayed as the prime vision. As the products became part of everyday life in the country, new product ranges were introduced to the market with innovative ideas and delicious flavors.

The brand’s dream of adorning the life of people with taste and fun was always pursued and realized with greatest passion.



Accolades and laurels sought the brand and honored it throughout the voyage, ornamenting its triumphs. State-of-the-art production facilities, world-class quality enhancements, stringent standards, relentless Research and Development in product development, along with hearts full of passion and minds focused on vision earned KITCO the current glorious position as the market leader


Kitco- HistoryTwo legendary visionaries, Mr. Jassim Al Wazzan and Mr. B. R. Oberoi, joined hands and initiated the fabulous journey of KITCO in 1962. Their foresight and vision in supplying superior quality foodstuff to the Kuwait market has sailed across generations, conquering the pinnacle of excellence in the industry.

Today the third generation of the Alwazzan and Oberoi families uphold the heritage and vision of the founders, adding flavor and joy to the daily lives of families in the Middle East. During this grand journey, KITCO attained many trophies by acquiring various subsidiaries like the Gulf Pastries Manufacturing Company (1988) which specializes in the baking and distribution of an extensive range of bakery products. The fresh and frozen bakery items reaches the homes of Middle East under the renowned and trusted brand “Sara Cake”. The Kuwait Biscuit & Food Products Manufacturing Company (KBC) was also established in 1980.

Today the brand ‘KITCO’ gleams in the Middle East life as the brightest star of supreme quality and trust. The journey ahead is an even brighter and definite dream for us, aspiring every member of the KITCO family and celebrating along with every family with KITCO in it.